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International Humanist News, July-issue 2002


IHEYO - the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation, the IHEU's Youth wing - has been busy:

  • organising an International Youth Conference,
  • setting in place a youth-internship programme at the IHEU office,
  • relaunching its website (,
  • building a virtual library of youth humanism,
  • and maintaining a list-serve on the Internet for discussing Humanism.
  • Currently plans are also being made to arrange year-long internships for European youth who will work on specific projects at the IHEU office in London.

IHEYO-International Youth Conference

The IHEYO-International Youth Conference on Empowering Youth in the Humanist Movement will be held in the Netherlands from 1 to 5 July. Thanks to grants from the Youth Programme of the European Union, from IHEU Specialist Member Organisations HIVOS (Humanist Institute for Development Co-operation, the Netherlands), and IHS (Institute for Humanist Studies, USA), more than 50 young humanists will participate in this conference.

Young humanists from all over the world, specially from Europe, Africa and North America will have an opportunity to share experiences, and to plan future cooperation. The IHEYO International Conference participants will also have the opportunity to participate fully in IHEU's 50th Anniversary World Humanist Congress. As the World Humanist Congress too will feature workshops involving youth, we hope that this will be a great stimulus for the formation of a stronger youth movement, and will consequently strengthen the humanist movement as a whole.

Virtual Library on Youth Humanism

IHEYO is creating a data base on Youth Humanism on its website. Over the past several months data has been collected about humanist youth groups and youth activities around the world, and we hope that this virtual library will help provide easy access to information about youth humanism in other countries.

The IHEYO would be very pleased to receive contributions for the database: if you havenot done so already, please send us details about humanist youth activities in your country or in your organisation. Do remember to write a note of about three to five hundred words on your organisation's plans to involve Humanist youth, your recent experiences, as well as contact details and websites.

IHEYO-CommonSense Internship Programme

The IHEYO-CommonSense internship programme was started in 2001 and will continue in 2002. This internship programme offers an outstanding young person aged below 30 the opportunity to work for a month at a humanist organization in a country other than his or her own; internship opportunities are also available at the IHEU's headquarters in London as part of this programme. The internship programme offers travel and living expenses, and aims to provide to humanist youth an opportunity to know about humanism in the host country, and to develop leadership in the youth humanist movement.

The intern for 2002 at the IHEU headquarters in the early summer will be James Walker from the US. James will at first go to the Netherlands and help organise the IHEYO-Youth Conference. After the Youth Conference, he will work the rest of the month in London at the IHEYO where he will follow up plans made during the Youth Conference. James is a 20 year-old Bio-Chemistry student and has been involved in several volunteer activities. He is eager to learn more about how to translate Humanist beliefs into action.

IHEYO-EU Internship Programme

In addition to the IHEYO-ComonSense Internship programme which is open to Humanist Youth from all over the world, the IHEYO hopes to launch 12-month internships for which only European Humanist youth are eligible. Negotiations are on at the moment, but when confirmed, these internships will be funded through the European Union's Youth programme. Humanist youth in Europe who will be under 26 years of age in January 2003 should write to the IHEYO expressing their interest in the internship programme. Please send a detailed CV with information on your involvement in Humanism in your country, languages that you can communicate in, and if possible, with special Humanist projects that you have in mind.

for more information: Gea Meijers, intern at IHEU office
Telephone 00 44 20 7831 4817 (IHEU-London).


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