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International Secular Youth Camp in Finland 2004

Are you a teenager wanting to develop your own opinions?
Do you want to meet people from different cultures?

The International “Coming of Age” camp in Finland may be just the thing for you!

The Prometheus Camp Association is a Finnish secular group that organizes many camps every summer. Participants and camp leaders are every year, very enthusiastic about the camps! This year they will organize for the first time an international camp for teenagers from around the world.

What is the camp about?

The camp is called a "coming of age" camp, even though nobody can become an adult in one week. The aim of the camp is to help young people find and develop a worldview of their own.

The camp lasts for eight days and during these days, issues important to young people will be discussed. The camp leaders will aim to provide an environment where everyone can freely share and develop their own opinions.

The topics are about: differences, prejudice and racism, drugs and alcohol, social issues, the future, and worldvies. Other issues are: personal relations, sex and dating, environmental issues, and what influences young people in their society.

Of course, Prometheus camps are not just about discussions. There is also time for play, swimming, sauna, and other fun! The camp ends in a celebration and friends or family of the teenager can attend this celebration.

For whom is the camp?

The camp is for young people around the world, from around 14 to 17 years of age. Prometheus camps are primarily for young people without a religious denomination, but anyone interested is welcome.

The association doesn't pay travel costs to the camp and there is a fee around 100 to 300 Euro for the camp, but more information about this later.

More information

If you want to receive more information, you can also contact Prometheus: at: Or go to:

You can call Prometheus: +358-7180-26498 (Dennis Holm) or send for information by mail: Prometheus-leirin tuki ry, Niemenmäentie 8 A, Fin-00350 Helsinki, Finland.

You can also find more information about Prometheus in IHEYO’s database:

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