Humanistisk Ungdom elects new officers

The Norwegian Humanist Youths, a strong member of IHEYO, has elected a new executive committee to steer it.
Here are the new leaders:

    * Chair Dan-Raoul Husebø Miranda, Sandnes / Oslo (one year)
    * Deputy Garbom Anders Backe, Vestfold (two years)
    * Linea Solgaard, Østfold (new, for two years)
    * Amund Bugge, Oslo (again, for two years)
    * Cecilie Marianne Andersen, Vestfold (new, for two years)
    * Espen Urkegjerde, Jæren (re-election, by-elections for one year)
    * Matias Andrés Bravo Jara, Oslo (new, by-elections for one year
    * Lin-Marit Bjerkemo, Tromsø (new, by-elections for one year)
    * Daniel Stønjum Romuld, sand og Gjesdal (new, for two years)
    * Ida Keihl Olsen, Oslo (new, by-elections for one year)
    * Anine hops, Ålesund (again, for two years)

IHEYO wishes them, the best as they administer one of the largest humanist youth groups in the world!