Follow up action on Membership

Dear member,

Our warmest regards from the IHEYO executive committee! We are happy to
invite you to our upcoming General Assembly, regional events and to our site
where you will find our monthly e-newsletter. In this message we are
contacting you for our annual request to receive updated information from
our members.

From all members we need annually an update from you. If we would not
receive this technically IHEYO is in a position to change or cancel your
membership. The EC will actually consider this and propose cancellations and
changes in membership status from organisations we have not heard from in
this and the past two years. We want to improve the networking within IHEYO
and for this we want to build more active partnerships with our members. In
some situations we heard that the member organisation does not exist anymore
or is not doing youth work anymore; we want to find out if membership or the
current status is still relevant for them.

At the GA of 2008 the member present decided on an annual procedure for
members to send a copy of the annual report, action plan or English
summaries of the same to IHEYO each year, starting in 2009.

The executive committee has not heard of the following members in the past
two years. We are trying our best to contact them and any help our
suggestions are welcomed! We hope to hear especially from this members so we
know if they still exist or are still interested.

Following members are considered for a change of their membership status:

Full members:

- Association des Jeunes Humanistes de Guinée

- Cameroon Freethought Association/Libre Pensée Cameroun

- Filigrane

- Jong HV

- Sanjivani Nepal

- Tarksheel Society Punjab (Rational Society Punjab)

- Freidenkerbund Österreichs

- HUMAN, Nepal


Associate members:

- University of Edinburgh humanist society Scotland

- Asociación Ediciones de la Revista Peruana de Filosofia Applicada (AERPFA)

- Children in need Sierra Leone

- Humanistisch Vredesberaad

- Inter Okapi Association - Youth for Action

- Manavatavadi Vishwa Sansthan

- Mentor Volunteers Uganda

- Rescue Mission Planet Earth

- Transhumanist Student Network

- Uganda Young Positives

- Youth Development Initiative

- Youth for Youth Kenya

Our full member we would need your vote for the GA, either by one of your
members representing you or by delegating your vote to one of the member
organizations of IHEYO. This is a new requirement for full members that was
adopted by members present at the 2008 GA. We have had during the past years
each time problems with matching the quorum of the GA, getting enough full
voting members present or represented.

IHEYO Executive committee (EC) would like to work more closely with our
members and know better what you do. Please feel free to contact us through
this address with any suggestions for advocacy, projects, etc. you have. We
will try our best to support you. If you want to propose another person in
your organization as contact person we would love to hear this too.

Please send the requested information, an annual report, action plan or
English summary of such documents before 1st September or if not possible let us know you are still involved and interested in IHEYO. You can write to

If you are a full member let us know who will represent you at the GA or if
you can give your vote to another member organization (IHEYO can suggest who
will be present).

Warm regards,
Silvana Uhlrich,
President IHEYO.