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Christopher Hitchens: No more among us

We young Humanists are saddened by the loss of a great Humanist writer and orator Christo-pher Hitchens. Christopher passed away on 62 years age. He was suffering from esophageal cancer for long.

All international youth Humanists have lost a path founder in Humanist movement. Mr Hitchens was globally renowned to promote Humanist movement. He was associated to Humanist groups in UK and USA. His book on God is not Great: How Religion Poisions Everything was highly sold book. That book made him globally renowned as a Humanist debater.

Femous publications by Late Christopher Hitchens:

 The Portable Atheist, which also came out in 2007,

 Letters to a Young Contrarian, pub-lished in 2001,

 Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and Slate


He wad British by birth . Later he used duel citizenship between UK and USA. He died on 6th December 2011.




 SOCH & Govt. of Nepal Signed an Agreement




Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to fight improper cultural practices (Kurities) together with government of Nepal. National Women Commission (NWC) and SOCH Nepal have already started the campaign against improper cultural practices which vio-lates the rights of women. SOCH Nepal is also progressing to sign the MOU with ministry of Women, Child and Social Welfare for same cause.




Both parties will together work on drafting the law against improper cultural practices and send to promulgate by parliament. The draft is named „Act against violence due to „Kuriti‟includes 57 improper cultural practices „kurities’ including witchchraft Kumari cult in Nepal. SOCH and NWC are in research to find more kurities in Nepali society.



This year SOCH Nepal and NWC have jointly planned several programs across Nepal to fight improper cultural practices.




15 Year old boy accused of witchcraft and murdered by religious fanatics in UK 


This is a truly horrendous story by any measure. The trial is taking place right now in the UK, so all the facts are spilling out into the public domain about how a teenager was tortured to death by his sister and her boyfriend after they accused him of witchcraft.

Kristy Bamu, 15, drowned in the bath of a blood-soaked flat on Christmas Day 2010 after begging to die in a „tale of horror‟. He suffered 101 separate injuries as he was attacked with weapons including metal poles, pliers, knives, a hammer and heavy ceramic tiles.

His sister Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend Eric Bikubi, both 28, are accused of beating him to death because they believed he had been possessed by evil spirits.

His two other sisters were also badly wounded after being accused of sorcery, black magic and witchcraft. The siblings had been sent from home in Paris by their parents to enjoy a festive break with their sister at her flat in Forest Gate, East Lon-don.

But the visit descended into an almost unimagin-able nightmare of violence


Source: http://www.skeptical-science.com/religion/15-year-boy-accused-witchcraft...