Uganda Humanist Youth

Uganda Humanist Association

Motto: Towards a free Humanitarian and Scientific World


The Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO) organises quarterly seminars on several topics including: Humanistic Principles, Politics, Religious tolerance and dialogues between opposed groups.

Besides organising seminars, it employs a range of other projects and activities with a special emphasis on educating and helping young people. UHASSO was founded by Makerere University Students between 1993 and 1996.

Youth Projects

(a) Humanist Principles training Project

Every month two members of UHASSO visit a selected college to lecture students on Humanism and its principles. In each new case students are encouraged to form a club based on Humanism principles. These Free Thought college clubs are encouraged to organise debates on topical issues.

(b) Teacher-trainers Project
UHASSO organises training seminars for young future teachers who are still in colleges, during these seminars participants are encouraged to:

  • avoid applying corporal punishments on children,
  • secularize education in schools by not forcing their religious orientation onchildren who in most cases belong to diverse religions,
  • get familiar with alternative theories on the origin of life e.g. Evolution and steady state theories,
  • promote sex education in schools.

(c) Humanist Youth AIDS Awareness and Prevention project

This project aims:
-to make people more aware about safe sex and supply of condoms,
-to provide facilities for productive use of leisure time geared towards enhancing
Humanist Virtues such as multicultural and bi-sexual cooperation, mutual existence.

(d) Marriage Partners link Project
The traditional boundaries of religion, tribe and social status prevent youth from finding desirable partners. The project is intended to dissolve these barriers and avail free interaction amongst youth culminating into unbiased selection mechanism for marriage partners.


There is a youth branch to UHASSO, called Uganda Humanist Association Youths. More information about this will follow on this site.

Contact UHASSO

Post Address: P.O. BOX 4427 KAMPALA,
Tel: +256 -77385068 or +256-77-445795,

@Written by John Joseph Kisakye

Involvement in IHEYO

The Uganda Humanist Youth is a full member of IHEYO.