Mentor Volunteers Uganda

Mentor Volunteers Uganda is a Voluntary community service youthorganisation founded in Uganda to protect, guide and provideDevelopment services to young people, meet their needs and interests,develop the community through Voluntary work, International Youthexchange, International understanding, Idea sharing as a mean ofpromoting social development.

Mentor Volunteers Uganda gives freedom to young volunteers to think andopportunities to develop themselves Physically, Mentally, Culturallyand Spiritually. MVU works in close collaboration with otherorganisation to improve and support the development of local communityprojects, cross-culture exchange and international understanding inUganda. For example UNASO, JYAK, UVP, Red Cross, IHEYO, Earth Corps,World Wide Volunteering UK, Planet foundation Hungary, KVDA, TAYEN,EWANET, Africa Alive, Straight Talk, Rural Health foundation, and manyothers.

Taken from the organisation's website

Contact Details

Mentor Volunteers Uganda
PO Box 30600
Kampala, Uganda
Phone: + 256 77 615755