YouthSpeak December 2008

(1) Project of the month - Human Rights Day

The year 2008 is ending with a very important event: The 60. anniversary of the Human Rights Day. Read more about this historical event and also some facts to its own history over the last 60 years.

(2) Portray of the month - Kofi Atta Annan

As Secretary-General of the UN and Noble Prize recipient, Kofi Annan is one of the persons, who deserves to be recognized in our special portray series. Read more about this outspoken man.   

(3) News around the world - Human Rights violations

Theory and practice are often miles away from each other. The following article, written by VB Rawat shows one example from India, where the will of being a secular state is still far away from reality. Read more about the Revivalism of religious rights is a challenge to democratic secular constitution.

(4) Announcement - Carl von Ossietzky Medal

The International League of Human Rights is awarding this year again to outstanding organisations, who are working for a peaceful and non-violent solution in Israel and Palestine. Read more about this honour and their work for the Human Rights in these countries.

(5) Youth in Action - Youth Action Nepal

Youth Action Nepal (YOAC) was founded as a student initiative in Nepal and is working now as a young network with a main focus on Human Rights actions and awareness programs. Read more about this interesting Network in Asia.

(6) Column by Yemi Johnson

The anniversary of the Human Rights Day is not only a reason to celebrate. Read more about in the column - UDHR at 60: Human Rights and the Imperativeness of Secularism

(7) Book advice - Taslima Nasreen

Outstanding people are named in that issue of our newsletter. So we will not forget one very special lady, who is not only a political but also poetic flower in the humanist garden. Read more about her work as author and two books of her.