Member: Ugandan Humanist Effort to Save Women

The Ugandan Humanist Effort to Save Women was founded by female young humanists in April 2006. The initiative for starting the UHESWO was developed after the 2004 International Humanist conference that was held in Uganda. The exploitation and oppression caused by religions and cultures in Uganda were affecting women mostly. Therefore, young women had to join forces and practise humanism through UHESWO in order to encourage more female humanists, skeptics, rationalists, agnostics and free thinkers in Uganda.
Based on this founding philosophy, the group is devoted to spreading humanism among young women in Uganda. UHESWO is working hand in hand with UHASSO- Youth to which it is affiliated. It has contacts with international humanist groups and groups in other countries as well.

UHESWO’s identity is clearly described in our constitution. UHESWO main aim is to promote a humanist vision of social, cultural and ethical values among young Ugandan women.

UHESWO's beliefs:
- Human beings are a part of nature; all forms of the supernatural are myth.
- Human beings possess the potential power to solve problems by reasoning.
- It is important to enjoy life here and now and develope our creative talents to their fullest.
- No one has the right of discriminating women in any human business.
- Human beings have the capacity to choose good over evil without the expectation of reward in another life.
- Human beings attain good life by continuous self-development, significant work and activities that contribute to the welfare of the community.
- We believe in reason and scientific methods, democratic procedures, parliamentary government, freedom of expression and civil liberties.
- Science discovery and technology can contribute to the betterment of human life.
- We believe in supporting the disadvantaged to help themselves and enjoy their life.

The objectives of the group are:
* To educate women about humanism e.g free inquiry, skepticism, rationalism and science.
* To advocate for human rights i.e. women’s and girls’ rights
* To oppose oppressive religions, cultures and dogmas that keep women in bondage
* To encourage moral excellence, positive relationships, human dignity, compassion and cooperation amongst women.
* To seek ways of solving problems of life without the dogmatic authority of secular of religious institutions.
* To eradicate poverty amongst women.

UHESWO's Plans:
* To carryout AIDS control campaign among the youths in the whole Uganda
* To promote the welfare of young prostitutes through establishing secular schools that will provide them with employment practical skills
* To help the young mothers enjoy their life on earth by counseling and involving them in self-help projects.
* To carryout seminar and workshops in tertiary institutions in order to promote humanism in form of scientific, rational skeptical, philosophical and liberal human rights culture.

The group is led by Betty Nassaka who recently visited Norway to cement the group's working relationship with HAMU, the Humanist Action for Human Rights.

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