20-25 Oct: 8th International Youth Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal

IHEYOcan gladly announce its 8th International Humanist Youth Conference inKathmandu, Nepal. It will take place between 20 - 25 October 2009.

The topic of the2009 Youth Conference will be ”Secularism – the open door for human rightsdefense“, discussing human rights questions and focusing on youth humanismglobally and nationally. It will focus also on how we as individuals and asorganizations can work to enhance our common goals. The conference will addressthe need of networking among young humanists. Especially it aims to furtherbuild up the Asian Working Group of IHEYO and to motivate more groups worldwideto join. Humanist organizers and human rights activists will gain furtherknowledge on how to get their messages across through in an appealing,effective way and learn more about humanism. IHEYO has secured travel supportfrom participants coming from South Asia based on an open application procedureand selection.

On 20th October we will welcome the participants and will hold the first partof the IHEYO General Assembly (GA, annual meeting of members) in the evening.The actual conference will take place between 21 and 25 October to theannounced theme including a planned field visit in co-operation with SOCH. Duringthe late afternoon of 25 October we will have the second part of the GAincluding new elections and membership applications.

We hope to bringtogether around 40 humanist minded youth not only from Nepal, but also fromsurrounding countries and from all over the world. With youth IHEYO aimson  young people between 18 and 35years of age.

Practical Information
The fee to participate is for youth coming from developed countries 150 Euros,which included accommodation, the programme and food. For participants fromdeveloping countries it is 50 Euros, also including accommodation, the programmeand food. A reduction can be requested. Travel costs and visa costs to theconference need to be paid and arranged by the participants or theirorganizations.

Please write to communication.office@iheyo.orgto register and for further information.

Apply before 22 September for travel andfee support for humanist youth from South Asia

Please download and submit the application form (Word DOC format, 37 kB) if you would like to be considered. Kindly submit your application no later than 22 September 12 noon GMT.

Youth coming from South Asia (Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, SriLanka) can request for support to pay their travel and fee. In order to do so,the need to fill in the application form and send it to communication.office@iheyo.orgas well as gea.meijers@iheyo.orgbefore Evening of 22 September.