World Humanist Youth Conference "Humanism, intercultural dialogue and young active citizenship: the connection", 8-14 July, Paris, France

IHEYO is proud to present its fourth annual world conference for young humanist and human rights activists. This time the conference will be held in Paris, France in cooperation with La Ligue de l'Enseignement. The conference will be held from 8 July to 14 July and will focus on 'Interculturalism' and active citizenship. Based on our experience of our previous conferences, this conference will also be a mix of cultural visits, practical training, in-depth debate and stimulating keynote speeches. It has proven to be a good formula! We want all participants to work toghether in drawing up new resolutions and opinions.

Interculturalism is at stake in Europe. In what way can we, as humanist youth, promote an 'inclusive', democratical and social Europe? In this meeting we provide the participants with an introduction to the basic concepts and practices of intercultural youth involvement, such as cultural diversity and inter life stance dialogue. Further, this meeting will focus on the process of networking and exchanging experiences in youth activities in practice and encourage reflection on intercultural learning

The conference aims to bring together more than 60 youth aged 18 to 35 years from Europe and elsewhere. IHEYO co-organises this conference with the French 'la Ligue d'Enseignement': .

We expect the fee to be between 50 and 200 Euro including accommodation and food during the conference days, depending on your actual situation. Soon more detailed information will be available also about possible funding for travel.

One can pre-register for the event by sending an e-mail to: .

Soon you will find the application form and the details about the conference on our website

In the week leading up to the 8th of July there is also a World Humanist Congress in Paris from IHEU. See for more