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Ediciones de la Revista Peruana de Filosofia Aplicada' (AERPFA)

Ediciones de la Revista Peruana de Filosofia Aplicada

Rationalist, Humanist and Applied Philosophy

As a Philosophy teacher I have ever had a great need that my students learnt about alternatives to supernatural and paranormal beliefs. And that because I was not taught critical thinking when I was a school and college student. I was raised as a Catholic child and then when I read the Bible for a first time I became an Evangelic in my teens; but I was ever looking for new information in TV documentaries and academic books and periodicals.

For those reasons and because of a lack of a critical medium in my country interested in an alive, humanist and rationalist philosophy I launched the "Peruvian Journal of Applied Philosophy" (RPFA) in 1994.

Almost inmediatly RPFA´s Editions (ERPFA) were born with 2 books; one on Erich Fromm´s Humanism and another on the (Non)Existence of God by me. And then in 1995 our association was founded formally as AERPFA. It has as main target young college students. In that way 5 of 7 AERPFA´s lectures were done in Campuses´auditoriums (on Philosophy of Religion, Social Philosophy, Bioethics, The Mission of University, Humanism, Ethics and Moral, Applied Philosophy).


To date we have printed 15 issues of five periodicals -RPFA, EUPRAXOPHIA (Wisdom for a good life), NEO-SKEPSIS (New Skepticism) plus PERUVIAN & IBERO-AMERICAN BIOETHICS and some papers and articles are on-line.

We are calling for contributions for 2 new issues:
-'Problems of Democracy & Politics', and,
-'Teaching to Philosophizing'.

We have already launched our book number 20 in 2002, 'Who was Jesus?', all of them in Spanish but with some on-line information in English. Among our Humanist authors we have also: Finngeir Hiorth, Paul Kurtz, Héctor Avalos and Anthony Flew. Our first book for children is Chris Brockman´s ' What about Gods?', -a Prometheus book.

Also AERPFA is launching a video-series: 'Logos: The Great Questions of Man', a philosophical series with the support of the IHEU. Ready is Chapter 1: 'Does God Exist?' based on 2 of our books, one with the same name Logos and another one on God´s existence.

Two specialized branches

In order to reach to more people, since 1998 we have helped to launch two specialized groups:
*Peruvian Humanist Non-Religious Movement (MPHA), and:
*Peruvian Center for Investigation of Paranormal, Pseudo-Science and Irrationality (CIPSI-PERU).

MPHA has organized about 20 public debates with believers and lecturers on diverse topics -both metaphysical and ethical-practical- from 1999 and launched 2 manifestos. In October 2002, MPHA´s monthly lecture had more than 1000 attendeés -most of them pre-college students.

CIPSI-PERU has as its main Skeptical work to watch media reports on paranormal claims in order to send them criticisms and explanations of their reported phenomena, and to show scientific documentary videos to young students.

The most important Peruvian newspaper 'El Comercio' (The Commerce), has published some explanatory letters of CIPSI-PERU. And in one episode of the TV show 'Joy at Noon' on April 1 2002, we were invited to give a skeptical view on telepathy and other paranormal claims like psychic surgery.

Because of our above work we have been elected to be part of Center for Inquiry International. So since 2001 we have a Center for Inquiry-Peru and soon with their own web page.


Address: El Corregidor 318, Rimac, Lima 25, PERU


Address: Casanova 430, 2do. piso, Lima 14, PERU

Address: Casanova 430, 2do. piso, Lima 14, PERU

@Written by Lic. Manuel Abraham Paz y Miño, president of AERPFA.

Involvement in IHEYO

AERPFA is a member organisation of IHEU (IHEYO is the youth section of IHEU).

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