IHEYO 2003-2004, Yearly REPORT
As presented at the GA at Kampala, 24 of May, Uganda.

In this past year IHEYO has transformed from informal to formal organisation. This process started with the IHEYO conference in Berlin, held from 29th August till 2nd of September 2003. There we accepted the Bylaws and elected an EC.

Since then the EC has send out membership applications, announce membership possibilities trough different forums and set the administration in place for the IHEYO.

IHEYO has organized their third international conference in Kampala with funding from HIVOS, HEF and IHS. The website is updated and redesigned, the electronic newsletter 'Youthspeak' has been published. Many contacts have been kept and developed. The president and the Secretary-General can give a full report of this.

The EC had its second meeting in Oslo from the 9th till the 13th January this year. The first introduction meeting was held on 1 September last year. IHEYO was represented at the workshop of the Ghanaian Humanist Youth, at the EHF conference and board meeting in Rome end of November.

IHEYO subscribed the petition against article 51 of the draft European Constitution that would grant the churches a privileged consultative position. The European Youth Forum are informed with our expression of interest.

The bylaws have been fine-tuned and some new plans have been developed.