IHEYO's current strategic plan runs from 2011 to 2016. For the coming 4/5 years, IHEYO has identified 10 thematic areas of activity that cover the scope of IHEYO. Within each theme there are a set of distinctive strategies or concrete activities that outline IHEYO’s plans for that specific dimension.

  1. Ensuring meaningful and active participation of EC and WG members.
  2. Efficient management of EC.
  3. Collaboration with IHEU.
  4. Networking with other humanist organisations not part of IHEYO.
  5. Improving relation and communication with members.
  6. Supporting member organisations and upcoming groups.
  7. Promotion and visibility of IHEYO.
  8. Publications.
  9. International conferences and meetings.
  10. Capacity building and skills training for volunteers and members.

Click here for a description of the themes.