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(03) Call to support a secular state

In reference to the last Presidential Note I would like to publish here the translation of the letter sent to all members of German Parliament on September 1, 2011, written by the DFW Germany (member of IHEU):

Call to support a secular state

Honored members of the Parliament,

Relationships are as vital as blood

Times without number, I have paused to ask myself how I found myself on the international humanist scene. Really, it is a question I have appreciated more as a critical point of reference to remind me of the wonderful friends and contacts who believed at that time (whether they still share the belief is up to them for I have not had contact with many of them in a while) that there should be a good link between the north based humanist organisations and those in the south. A wonderful idea that must have sprung as a thought on someone's mind.

On North-South Partnerships

Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

Relationships are vital tonic for human co-existence. The ubiquitous nature of this can be found in the pattern of interactions between man and woman, friends, family members, collegues, people out of the same society or foreigners, who have similar interests like the fans enjoying world cup (currently) in South Africa. One can then only imagine what the world would be without these plethoras of mutually beneficial relationship.

Young Humanists should not give up!- Dan-Raoul Miranda

 (Dan-Raoul Miranda is the new President of the Norwegian Young Humanists, in this chat with YS Editor, he bares his mind on diverse issues that affects Norwegian nationa youth humanists and the growth of global humanism)

Is morality a god delusion?

Quite often non-religious people have to listen to the stereotype, that if they are not believing in God they do not have any moral norms or vales. But what makes religion to a moral institution?

Religion, what has morality gotta do with it?

Time to Review the Existing Religious Laws

I once interviewed an elderly man who told me blatantly (when I wanted to make a point he does not subscribe to) that he "has seen many x-mas". Of course, seeing many x-mas means he is old enough for him to be corksure of the point he is making. For this piece I want my reader to also be aware that I have seen many X-mas, Eid-el Kabirs, Eid-el Maoulads, and forced to stay at home too on Easters, hence whatever point or points I make here is from the depth of my heart, and the core marrow of my bones.

How About Non-Religious Rights?

Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

The theme of this edition of the e-zine is 'Blasphemy and Religious Rights' and it is always interesting to think about these two points in all its practical possibilities and realization. Although one point is missing, when we are talking about equality of all the people. How about non-religious rights, how about the discrimination of people, who do not believe in the supernatural?

What's the Need for Representation?

This edition of YS is focused on the need for more, or if you like, better, young humanists participation in international youth fora worldwide. Beyond mere participation, there is need for representation in these youth tagged organisations whose views are taken as representative of youth groups. While participation might be taken as physical presence, representation means that the HUMANIST VOICE will be audible enough at the event to justify participation.

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