Freedom and Roam Uganda (FaR-UG)

P.O. Box 14256, Kampala, Uganda,

*Far-UG is a consultative member of IHEYO.

Rescue Mission Planet Earth

Contact Details

RMPE - Uganda
PO Box 2042
Kampala, Uganda

Phone: + 256 077 446907

Mentor Volunteers Uganda

Mentor Volunteers Uganda is a Voluntary community service youthorganisation founded in Uganda to protect, guide and provideDevelopment services to young people, meet their needs and interests,develop the community through Voluntary work, International Youthexchange, International understanding, Idea sharing as a mean ofpromoting social development.

Ugandan Humanist Effort to Save Women


The Ugandan Humanist Effort to Save Womenis devoted to spread humanism among young women in Uganda. UHESWO isworking hand in hand with UHASSO youth to which it is affiliated. Ithas contacts with international humanist groups and groups in othercountries as well.

UHESWO’s identity is clearly described in our constitution. UHESWO main aim is to promote a humanist vision of social, cultural and ethical values among young Ugandan women.

Sexual Minorities Uganda SMUG

P.O. Box 14256, Kampala, Uganda
*SMUG is a consultative member of IHEYO. 

Uganda Young Positives

P.O. Box 70233, Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Humanist Youth

Uganda Humanist Association

Motto: Towards a free Humanitarian and Scientific World


The Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO) organises quarterly seminars on several topics including: Humanistic Principles, Politics, Religious tolerance and dialogues between opposed groups.

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