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IHEYO Book on Teaching Critical Thinking 2012

in 2012 IHEYO celebrates its ten years of existence in its latest

Social Activism and Irreligiosity: A functional mix in Susan B. Anthony

Secularism from Two Planes: Philip Trower vs Daniel Baril

(Dear readers,  unlike earlier editions of the e-zine that allow for only one article, this edition accomodates two views on secularism. Though written some times ago, yet the issues addressed by both are still quite germaine to the discourse on humanism, secularism and religion today. Now, my suggestion is that you find time to read both views; you wont regret it. Happy reading!)

Book Review: Darwin's gift to science and religion

Book: Darwin's gift to science and religion
Author: Ayala Francisco
Published by: Joseph Henry Press
Year: 2007

Dubbed the "Renaissance Man of Evolutionary Biology" by The New York Times, Prof. Francisco Ayala’s “Darwin’s gift to science and religion” is one book anyone interested in that borderline and relationship between evolutionism and creationism, nay science and religion, should read.

Charles Darwin, the man who threw the Light on the Origin of Man

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected”

-Charles Robert Darwin

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(7) Book advice - Taslima Nasreen

Autobiography: “My girlhood” (1999) and “My youth” (2002)

Michel Foucault

“Curiosity is a vice that has been stigmatized in turn by Christianity, by philosophy and even by a certain conception of science. Curiosity, futility. I like the word however.

Juan Goytisolo

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