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Short funding guide, free download

IHEYO has prepared for you a short manual on how to fund-raise! For those who need a quick guideline for how to find, approach funders and write a proposal, it will be of great use. It provides many practical suggestions, advices to keep in mind (do's and don't's), and good questions. It guides you on the way to succesful fundraising. Chapters can be read seperately of each others.

Download the funding guide in Word
Download the funding guide in PDF

The funding guide is a summary of the T kit on Fundraising and Financial Management. Thanks to the Council of Europe we are able to offer you this summary. The whole t kit can be downloaded for free at:

Humanist Grant Funds

IHEU-HIVOS Grant Fund deadline 1 November 2006

IHEU and its member organization HIVOS announced recently the IHEU-HIVOS Humanist Networking & Development Programme 2006-2008. Total funds for 2006: Euros 75,000 of which Euros 64,000 are available for distribution for humanist projects in developing countries. One can apply for projects that start from December 2006 with a duration of maximum a year. Application ànd Signed Faxed Declaration need to reach IHEU by November 1, 2006. IHEYO encourages all member organisations in developing countries (see more information on eligible countries and other information, at IHEU-site) to apply.

Links to funding possibilities

general funding sources
(search on topic and coutnry possible) (EU Youth Programme)
(Council of Europe youth Centre Budapest)

humanist funding sources
(have a yearly funding programme)
(Humanist development organisation) (Hamu which is part of the Norwegian Humanist Association, offers support to specific kind of projects)