UPDATE European Humanist Youth Days

From 2 until
6 August, 2013, the ‘European Humanist Youth Days’ (EHYD) will bring more than
450 young people from the four corners of Europe to Brussels for a major
conference exploring
the ideas and visions of youth on the
future of Europe. All of us at IHEYO very much support this project and therefore
we want to encourage all humanist organizations in participating in the EHYD.


Organized by a
number of IHEYO members in Belgium, it is a golden opportunity for humanist
organizations to strengthen their youth groups and organizations. They will
find in this conference inspiration, skills and a network to build on in the
future. It is also an excellent opportunity reach out to other young humanists,
getting young people involved in the translation of humanist values into the
reality of our contemporary European society. Thematically, the perspectives
addressed at the conference will converge around three axes: politics &
society, science & ethics, and humanism in the 21st century.


Most of the information regarding the event can be
found in the brochure that is now online at: