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IHEYO supports the establishment of a EU statute for a European Association.

IHEYO Joined the European campaign to encourage the EU to take more actions in supporting European Civil Society. The EU can do more! An important step forward would be the establishment of a statute for a European Association. Many organisations across Europe, support this plan and have joined the campaign which started in the spring of 2006 and that is coordinated by European Civic Forum. IHEYO is a member to the Civic Forum.

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The Next United Nations Secretary-General: Time for a Woman
1945-2006: 3 Europeans, 2 Africans, 1 Latin American, 1 Asian, 0 Women

In March 2006, IHEYO wrote to the missions of the UN members of the Security Council to urge them to consider recommending a qualified women candidate for the post of the next General Secretary of the UN, now taken by Kofi Annan.

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IHEYO takes stand against funding by EU for World Catholic Youth Days 2005

IHEYO urged the European Commission and Parliament earlier this year, not to grant money to the World Catholic Youth Days. Youth days of other life stances are not given any money either and by granting money to the Catholic youth days, the EU gives up his stand of neutrality.

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-IHEYO has called on the European Union to keep references to God or Religion out of the future constitution of the EU. (Spring 2003)

IHEYO at the UNESCO-youth forum in Paris 2005

From 30 September to 2 October more than 200 young people from all over the world gathered at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for the 4th UNESCO Youth Forum. At the one hand there were 184 official delegates from the countries; on the other hand there were 45 NGO-representatives with observer status.

IHEYO was present as one of the observers and was able to make people not forget that there are also non-religious life stances. Some references was included in the end resolutions.


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IHEYO present at the Council of Europe, 3-6 October 2005

IHEYO president Gea Meijers represented international young humanists at the meetings for International NGO’s during the General Parliamentarian Session at the Council of Europe.

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IHEYO participates in CRY's youth camp in Uganda

IHEYO board member Asaba Lawrence attended the regional youth camp organised by Conflict resolution by the youth (CRY). This regional camp was held in Katakwi district, Usuk village, North-Eastern Uganda, East Africa. This is one of the areas that has been disastrously affected by the 19-year-old insurgency in Northern Uganda.

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