African Working Group

The African Working Group has watched with keen interest the zeal with which young Africans promote the ideals of Humanism amidst crass religiosity through their activities. To assist them in achieving more, we are poised to utilize the partnership and collaboration tools of organizational growth and development, on our platform, so as to achieve our common goal of popularizing Humanism in Africa.

Please click here for the report/update on the 2012 International Humanist Conference in Ghana

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The African Working Group (in short: AWG) of IHEYO was established around 2005. It has organized two regional meetings in East Africa, the last one held in 2011. And it held an online Regional Conference in 2006. It has organized an International Conference in 2012 in Ghana. And a lot of bilateral networking is happening among the members of the group

 African Working Group is mainly organized in East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.) and West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Malawi, etc.). Any new group that affiliates with the secular lifestance from any country is much invited to join the work!

The AWG is chaired by Betty Nassaka, Uganda, who is also Secretary General of IHEYO. The Working Group Secretary General is Alphonso K. Weah, in Liberia. They were elected in their offices for the period of 2011-2013 by the IHEY General Assembly.

To contact the AWG, please write to Alphonso.Weah[at]