Sanjivani Nepal

Sanjivani Nepal, a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit
making organization was established by a group of dynamic youths
in 2003. It was registered in the local authority (Kathmandu) of
His Majesty's Government, Nepal under Social Organization Registration
Act (SORA) 1976. Bylaws it has received permission to run programmes
like health, information/communication, human rights, social justice,
women and youth empowerment and child welfare throughout the kingdom.

Nepal has three branches to run different programmes in accordance
with its bylaws. Teams of experts and professionals run all three

  • Sanjivani Nepal (Youth Forum for Humanism and Ethics)
  • Sanjivani Nepal (Center for Public Health Concern)
  • Sanjivani Nepal (Media Forum for Peace and Development)

Sanjivani Nepal Youth Forum

forum was established in March 2004 in the active participation
of youth (16-35 years) working in different areas of life like media,
human right and students. The mission of Sanjivani Nepal (Youth
Forum for Humanism and Ethics) is to promote greater public awareness,
understanding and support for humanism under the guidance of International
Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) Amsterdam declaration 2002.

Membership Youth Forum

person 16 to 35 years old, possessing strong belief in humanism,
and ethics is eligible to apply for the membership of the forum.
Membership distribution is carried out on each March during its
Annual meeting.

Activities Youth Forum

  • Curriculum
    development on non violence through humanism and ethics focusing
    on school children,
  • Talk
    programmes on human rights (including women rights, against child
    labour) ethics, and youth empowerment and against social evils
    like superstitions,
  • Publication
    of bi-monthly bulletin (future plan),
  • Production
    of radio/television programmes (future plan),
  • Distribution
    of IEC materials,
  • Discussion,
    debate, seminar on current issues,
  • Research

Contact person Youth Forum

Ms Prashannata Wasti, President

P.O. Box 11568

Kathmandu, Nepal


Sanjivani Nepal, Center for Public Health

Contact Person: Dr Babu Ram Gautam, Director


Nepal, Media Forum for Peace and Development

Contact Person: Mr Yadav Raj Joshi, Programme Coordinator